Thursday, November 13, 2014

GFW2 ~ The National Women's Show ~ Super Detox Smoothie ~ Giveaway!

Happy Snowy Thursday!

Grey, wet & snowy day - balcony view.

For those of you who know me - either in real life or social media life, this week is our #gfw2 - GlutenFreedomTO Week in Toronto and its going oh so well!  I realize not everyone who read my blog resides in Toronto (or nearby)... BUT if you do -> I really encourage checking out one (or two or three) of our amazing participating restaurants!  Our event ends this Saturday which gives you 3 more eves of gluten-free culinary masterpieces!  Click HERE for details & all things GFWeek2!

For contests & more follow Us on Twitter -> Rachel Bies AND my business partner Rachael Hunt @GlutenFreedomTO


Thanks again to The National Women's show for the Media tickets & Giveaways, hope all that attended had a great time.  

My favorites included: 

Walter Caesar (click for details) - An all natural, artisanal & gluten-free Caesar mix made right here in Canada (recipe blog to follow soon)!  Check them out - They just went national!  Yumm. 

Orange Naturals (click for details) - A Canadian line of professional quality, naturopathic health products that are convenient to use and easy to understand.

Luv Lockits etc. (click for details) - Three women started this adorable locket co & I loved so much I bought one!   

Kitchen Mixer.  Eiffel Tower. Dog Bone. Josh & I's Birthstones.

 Be sure to check out The National Women's Show next year again & please tweet your favorites!


Now that GFW2 is up and running, I've been able to make it back into RBN Kitchen for some recipe development & cooking for clients!  After my birthday week, decided after all the dining out & sparkling that it was time to DETOX; which for me is eating with lots of colour, 50% raw & lean proteins!  Morning smoothies and juices (after lemon water) were a priority - this is what I came up with!


 Super Duper Detox Smoothie

Green & Gorgeous!

 What you'll need:

1 thumb ginger, chopped
1/4 lemon, deseeded
1/2 tsp cayenne
1/2 tsp turmeric
1 handful of organic spinach
small bunch of fresh parsley
1 kale leaf, remove stem
1 tbsp organic coconut oil (or flax)
1 pear or apple (ripe is best)
1 tsp chia
1 tsp flax seeds
1 tsp bee pollen
1/4 cup cucumber 
1/4 cup celery
1/4 cup raw cashews (optional)
1/2 banana, ripened
1/2-1 cup water to liquify.

What to do:

After washing and roughly chopping all ingredients, add to bullet, vitamix or blender.  Pulse until desired texture.  Add a little more spice or greens if you're able.  Enjoy.  Makes 2 small or 1 large smoothie! **If too bitter add a touch of maple or honey.  

Will result in:
  • brighter eye whites
  • increased energy
  •  skin & acne reduced/eliminated
  • Alkalines your body to help ward off infections & flu's
  • optimal health
  • weight loss (once you begin eating clean whole food, naturally occurs)
  • mood enhancer
  • better sleep & more!

Giveaway time... duh duh duhnnnnn!

Its that time of year again for The Gourmet Food & Wine Expo which is one of my favorite food shows..I think it's because I know the holidays are just around the corner (I've been cooking to holiday classics!)..there is something for everyone tastebuds & insight into whats happening in the industry!  

Up for grabs:  

2 VIP tickets to The Gourmet Food & Wine Expo 
Thursday, November 20th

2 Sunday Day tickets to The Gourmet Food & Wine Expo
Sunday, November 23rd

How to win:

Tweet OR Instagram me why you want to come this year! Super easy.  Contest begins November 14th, 2014 - Ends Wed afternoon 2pm!

Enjoy the wknd everyone and blog again soon xoxo

Me & my partner in crime (far right) at our GFW2 launch party!