Friday, January 30, 2015


Being a private chef and culinary nutritionist allows me to be in the kitchen for 80% of my working week - with this much time, you definitely develop some kitchen hacks that can get you through some culinary emergencies!  And trust they do happen!   

Here are some of my favourites in no particular order:

1. Always cook your bacon in the oven.  With cracked black pepper or cayenne or maple.  Always taste better than pan and frees up your stove top.  375 until desired texture.
2. Eggs: Fresh eggs will sink in water.  Toss the ones that float.
3. Avocados: Looking for a ripe ready avocado? In the market - remove the nubbin. If its bright green, its good to go.  Brown - leave it there and grab another!
4. Top your boiling water with wooden spoon to prevent it from boiling over.
5. Squeeze citrus on an avocado to prevent it from turning brown.  For Guacamole store with the pit until ready to serve.  Or add some cold water - then drain when ready.
6. Wrap lemons and grapefruits in cheesecloth to avoid seeds from sneaking in.
7. Always cook gluten-free pasta at least 2-3 minutes under suggested time.  Always test your pasta & salt the water after it boils.
8. Tasting garlicy foods - eat a small handful of parsley before your next meeting!
9. Tomatoes: Store at room temp with stem side face down, will slow down ripening process.
10. Want to trim calories but keep flavour - sub apple or pear sauce as your moisture.  Yogurt works great too.
11. Knives: always work with a sharpened knife - more accidents happen due to dull knives than sharp.
12. Coconut oil: Use it for everything.  In bathroom and kitchen.
13. Grate butter to soften it quicker.
14. Starches: use your leftover rice, quinoa & sweet potatoes as egg bowls, frittata base and omelet middles.
15. Herbs: Chop wilted herbs add olive oil.  Freeze in ice cube trays then store into a freezer bag for easy herbed olive oil cubes!

 Hope these make life a little easier.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My ANNUAL cold & flu advice!

With the holidays over & the excess partying done - It seems that every day, another friend succumbs to the flu & is in need of some advice of how to prevent the nasty winter bugs!  Here’s some easy and manageable tips to prevent or at least rid in record time!   

Read up and share with those in need!

1. Rest Up:  

When we’re over tired and stressed, that’s a surefire way to get rundown/sick.  Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night and try to go to and rise at the same time everyday, yes even weekends.


2. Alkaline Foods:

Greens, veggies, nuts and sprouted foods are great for keeping our bodies in a state of alkaline, which WE WANT.  Animal proteins and fats are great, but they are highly acidic.  Eating too much of these things can set our bodies into over acidic levels, which is when infections and colds can occur.  *Start your morning off with lemon water.

3. Water, water, water:

Drink/sip all day long.  Keep your body, skin and organs well hydrated especially in the dry and bitter cold months of winter.  Warm it up if you prefer.


4. Zinc: 

If you HAVE fallen victim to the flu/cold monster, a couple days of taking zinc will rebuild and strengthen your immune system.  I suggest 3-4 days worth and then stop.  Also valuable:  Vitamin C and D, supplements and foods.

5. Epsom Salt Baths:
Nothing better than a nice warm bath in the dead of winter.  Adding Epsom salts will help relieve achy joint and the magnesium will help pull the toxins currently residing in your body.

6. Tea:

A nice tea with raw honey, lemon and fresh ginger is my go-to drink.  Echinacea (immune), Peppermint (upset tummy) or Green (anti-oxidants) are great ones to try.  Mix them up for a powerhouse blend.  *This does NOT count toward your daily water intake, even herbal teas are dehydrating, only water is water!


7. Raw Honey: Great for relieving sore throats thanks to the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, plus it is delish!

8. Eat with Colour: Go nuts for the rainbow – stock up on your greens (cabbage, kale, peppers, chard), red/purples (grapes, berries, carrots, pomm, eggplant), yellows/oranges (oranges, peppers, bananas, citrus, yams)!  

9. Bone Broth: Go to your local butcher and ask for veal, lamb and beef bones.  Chicken or turkey work well too if you're not a meat eater.  Boil with carrots, celery, onions (mirepoix) & tons of garlic.  Boil until the top becomes cloudy.  Discard froth and simmer.  Eat on its own or make it into a full soup.  

10.  A simple workout:  Pending on how tragic you feel, at times a little stroll or some stretching at home is a great way to get the circulation & body moving.  

**Updated article from my SDTC - version

Hope these tips help you get through the rest of old man winters woes!  For further tips and recipes email me at

Sending all of the healthy vibes your way,


Sunday, January 4, 2015

BREAKFAST : Escape the breakfast blues with a delicious breakfast taco!

I love to brunch. 
I live to breakfast.  
It is my favorite meal.
It is a crucial part of your day.

One of my favorite things is to jazz up breakfast with oodles of colour & some spice to get the metabolism up and running.  Hence the breakfast taco is a favourite in our house.  The best is when Joshua and I team up.  The other day we made this little beauty:

Kale Slaw & French Scrambled Taco

Oodles of colour and flavour.
What you'll need:

4 farm fresh eggs 
2 leaves of green or purple kale, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 handful pea shoots, chopped
4 cherry tomatoes, chopped
1/2 bell pepper (your choice), chopped
4 gf organic corn taco shells
Fresh lemon
1 tbsp Yogurt
Green onions (garnish)
Hot sauce of your choice.

What to do:

Gently scramble eggs in a classic french style with garlic - wet and loose.  Not over cooked.  Toast tortilla on stove element or in oven.  Chop kale into strands.  Add tomatoes, shoots, yogurt, peppers, sea salt and pepper.  Toss gently.  Once tacos are toasted, top with egg and kale slaw.  Drizzle with your choice of hot sauce or fresh jalapenos.  Some green onions for garnish.  VoilĂ !  Easy breakfast for two in under 15 minutes. Great for lunch too! Must admit Josh did eggs and I sous chef'd...

Not just a pretty dish..the benefits are fierce:

Eggs ~  Good source of protein, promote healthy thyroid function, promotes brain & heart health.  

Kale ~ Great brassica vegetable associated with optimal health (I'm addicted and will never be off the kale train), full of nutrients - omega 3, fiber, folic acid, B6, vitamin E & potassium.
Yogurt ~ If you eat dairy, I suggest a full fat sheep or goat yogurt (has a tart and slightly game-y taste) if not a coconut yogurt or cashew cream would work well too.  Good Bacteria - great for immune system, digestion, weight control.

Lots of goodness to this powerful little breakfast.  Remember to eat with colour & texture in 2015!

Happy New Year
rbn xox