Monday, January 4, 2016

RBN Interview: David Brooke of Skin Essence Organics (Natural Skincare)

Happy Freakin' New Year Everyone - I hope everyone had a joyful and safe holiday with friends and family.

We haven't done an interview in awhile and really wanted to re-instate that feature - WE love supporting brands and companies that align with our brand values.  My readers know how much I love natural skincare and this company has been one of my favorite's for years:  Skin Essence Organics.

 I was first introduced to SEO by a close friend and IHN Alum Stephanie, we were on a road trip to Ottawa for a week long skin-care co-op (coincidental!) with a group of us 4 – which meant sharing our beauty regimes!  Occular was my first love and slowly went through the line.  One of my favorite (there’s so many) things about Skin Essence is their dedication to pure, organic and beautiful products without the use of marketing schemes or #buzzwords.  Every product is derived solely from organic fruits, plants, flowers, oils and minerals – which if you’ve seen our social media accounts run right in-line with our MO of keeping things organic, natural and as related to its original state as possible. 
RBN: Let’s start easy – how long has SEO been around? What was your number one reason for launching it?
20 years – Long before it was trendy and WE had all the buzzwords; organic, holistic etc – The previous owner studied Naturopathy/Herbalism & was an esthetician: Would only use products on her clients that she felt safe using on her own. Fast track to 10 years and they had produced this amazing line of eco, safe, clean and organic skincare that everyone can use.  David himself bought has used for 14 years –  a firm believer in healthy skincare in conjunction with diet.  Possibly their most loyal client having it shipped all around the world to use – whilst modeling.  Bought company – tested and true and the rest they say is history.  Great message. Eco, GF, no GMO,

RBN: How many products are in your current line & what are the best sellers base women & men?

Because there are different lines and no filler products – they truly are all popular from anti-aging to acne to moisturizing/hydrating! Cleansers are a go-to and very popular as well as rose hip –adds that nice glow and super hydrating for your skin – an RBN reco.

RBN:  Has being a model and in fashion had an influence on you in regards to natural skincare, wellness & health?

Absolutely, being overseas and always in the makeup chair – you end up noticing what is going on your skin.  Products started to disagree (listen to your bod people), if it doesn’t  agree change it,  When you can’t read ingredients in food or skincare its time to make a swap! The sad truth is that many larger companies opt for profit margins (translation cheap ingredients + increased profits) and they don’t want to rely on natural products to produce.

RBN: What is your favourite and least favourite thing about owning your company?

Favourite: When I go to bed, knowing that I’m putting my energy into safer, cleaner products and promoting a healthier lifestyle – I just LOVE that. Close second: consumers feedback – respect, love, loyalty for SEO (the thought makes me tear up (real men are sensitive)!
Least Fav – Perfectionist : Micro managing at times is demanding and others – exhausting and worth it, so actually still one of my favourites.  Ha.  Oh and working with great people in the industry (obviously he’s talking about us).

RBN: What advice can you offer any of us getting into entrepreneur life and business?

Getting to know yourself and what makes you unique will bring successes, in turn use that.  If you use what others aren’t then the competition lessons - making you something unique and of great value (not financially).
Advice: biz – have to truly love it and believe it + success = LIFE gain as opposed to purely financial gain. TIP: You will never know all the answers which brings learning every day.

RBN:What is your fridge? What is your favourite skin food? Favourite comfort food?

Sounds similar to our breakfasts.

I eat uber healthy focusing on quality: Water purification system, endless fruits and veg, and I’m know for eating 2 soft boiled eggs every day? Red meat is minimal and always grass-fed, ethically raised and sourced properly.
DBtip: Organic lettuce and all things soft skinned; When you peel you’re able to reduce chemicals and such. Lots of fish too – I’m a Vancouver boy at heart so lots of wild salmon and rainbow trout (nom).

RBN:Can you tell us your go-to smoothie recipe – WE love new smoothies!
Organic raspberries, blueberries, coconut oil, avocado, pineapple, yogurt and some hemp hearts,  lets call it a BERRY GOOD SMOOTHIE!
**Typically breakfast: Oats GF obvi …coconut oil, frozen rasp, blue, bananas, 2-3 soft boiled eggs (we approve – balanced and simple)

RBN: Can you tell our readers your best winter skin survival advice – changing your skincare routine? Extra hydration?

1. Cleanser Fresh (no alcohol), Exfoliate/ facial masks x 2 week, Blend Neroli/Rosehip (beta carotene) which promotes a warm healthy glow.  BONUS: Ecream over top – acts as a sunscreen which we still need in the winter and offset redness!  YOU’RE welcome!

RBN: Any new announcements or products we should keep our eyes open for next year?

We’re launching a new Sunscreen using cocao butters, zinc and no water. We also recently passed our ECOCERT certification (huge accomplishment!) with flying colours!

RBN: How do you motivate clients to take care of their skin and follow a great skin regime?

We all have skin (largest organ btw) and we eat well to treat our bods well BUT we also need to use real,ingredients on our skin!  Always spend a little more for quality rather than quantitiy/bulk items.  Truthfully our products sell themselves!

BONUS: Use their online store and our code: RBNholiday for 20% your next order!  Whoa!