Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My ANNUAL cold & flu advice!

With the holidays over & the excess partying done - It seems that every day, another friend succumbs to the flu & is in need of some advice of how to prevent the nasty winter bugs!  Here’s some easy and manageable tips to prevent or at least rid in record time!   

Read up and share with those in need!

1. Rest Up:  

When we’re over tired and stressed, that’s a surefire way to get rundown/sick.  Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night and try to go to and rise at the same time everyday, yes even weekends.


2. Alkaline Foods:

Greens, veggies, nuts and sprouted foods are great for keeping our bodies in a state of alkaline, which WE WANT.  Animal proteins and fats are great, but they are highly acidic.  Eating too much of these things can set our bodies into over acidic levels, which is when infections and colds can occur.  *Start your morning off with lemon water.

3. Water, water, water:

Drink/sip all day long.  Keep your body, skin and organs well hydrated especially in the dry and bitter cold months of winter.  Warm it up if you prefer.


4. Zinc: 

If you HAVE fallen victim to the flu/cold monster, a couple days of taking zinc will rebuild and strengthen your immune system.  I suggest 3-4 days worth and then stop.  Also valuable:  Vitamin C and D, supplements and foods.

5. Epsom Salt Baths:
Nothing better than a nice warm bath in the dead of winter.  Adding Epsom salts will help relieve achy joint and the magnesium will help pull the toxins currently residing in your body.

6. Tea:

A nice tea with raw honey, lemon and fresh ginger is my go-to drink.  Echinacea (immune), Peppermint (upset tummy) or Green (anti-oxidants) are great ones to try.  Mix them up for a powerhouse blend.  *This does NOT count toward your daily water intake, even herbal teas are dehydrating, only water is water!


7. Raw Honey: Great for relieving sore throats thanks to the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, plus it is delish!

8. Eat with Colour: Go nuts for the rainbow – stock up on your greens (cabbage, kale, peppers, chard), red/purples (grapes, berries, carrots, pomm, eggplant), yellows/oranges (oranges, peppers, bananas, citrus, yams)!  

9. Bone Broth: Go to your local butcher and ask for veal, lamb and beef bones.  Chicken or turkey work well too if you're not a meat eater.  Boil with carrots, celery, onions (mirepoix) & tons of garlic.  Boil until the top becomes cloudy.  Discard froth and simmer.  Eat on its own or make it into a full soup.  

10.  A simple workout:  Pending on how tragic you feel, at times a little stroll or some stretching at home is a great way to get the circulation & body moving.  

**Updated article from my SDTC - version

Hope these tips help you get through the rest of old man winters woes!  For further tips and recipes email me at

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