Monday, November 14, 2011

Easy Vegetarian Weeknight Dinner

I'm in love with food.  I'm in love with my kitchen.  I'm in love with me, especially when I'm making food in my kitchen. :)  I'm back in school so I'm not always blessed with endless prep and cooking I'm trying to eat more vegetarian these days and I find this recipe a really easy weeknight meal or as a starter for dinner too!

The really great thing about making flatbreads/pizzas is that the combinations are endless; cheese, vegetables, herbs, sauces and proteins are fun to switch up to your mood or whatever is seasonal at your local market!!!  Two of my "go-to's"  are a triple mushroom pesto flatbread with arugula and blue cheese AND a classic margarita with tons of fresh basil from my garden!  Its really up to you what you do!!!  Its also a great interactive dinner party where you chop up a bunch of toppings and let your guests play with their dinner!!!  Mmmmm

Here you go...

These amounts are to make one fair sized of each flatbread (good for 2 ppl as dinner or 3-4 as a starter)

**I try to make my own dough, but to shave much time off your dinner you can (I do without shame) buy fresh-made dough from your local market, grocery or butcher shop.  I cut into fifths and roll away into a rounded rough rectangle!!!**

(Look for whole wheat and flavoured dough options too!  Mix it up)

HealthyBies TIP
.after you've rolled out dough, throw dough into the oven @ 375 for 3-4 minutes, remove, let cool and then begin to add your sauce and toppings.  This will prevent the dough from being mushy and add a nice texture.

Triple Threat Mushroom
2 c of assorted funghi (I use cremini, shitake and oyster)
3 ish sprigs of fresh thyme
2 shallots
1/2 c of a good quality blue cheese or gorgonzola (I eyeball these amounts)
3 tbsps of good quality store bought (homemade) basil pesto
1 clove of garlic
A good splash of EVOO
A handful of arugula

I heat my pan at med high heat, add oil and saute garlic and shallots for 2 mins until they become translucent.  Add in mushrooms and thyme, trying not to overcrowd (may have to do a couple batches) and cook until the moisture has evaporated.

Spoon your pesto on crust, add mushroom mixture and crumble blue cheese (brie is yummy too) atop.  Bake @ 375 for 13-17 mins depending on how you like your pizza!!   Then I just throw some arugula on top to add a peppery fresh element.  Bon appetite!

Margherita Flatbread
1-2 heirloom tomatoes sliced (pint of grape tomatoes chopped)
3 bunches of fresh basil (more for garnish if you so choose)
4-5 boccaccini cheese (large size-cut in slices)
1 c of tomato herb sauce (again can be made fresh or store bought- will post fresh soon)

Again throw dough in for 3-4 mins and remove.  Add sauce, arrange tomato, boccaccini slices and whole basil leaves.  Bake for at least 12-16 mins, but pay attention that the leaves don't burn.  Feel free to crack pepper, drizzle EVOO or/and add additional basil before serving.  Yumms.

Some other great pairings to get you started;

-grilled pear/figs, onions and parm with a balsamic drizzle (no sauce)
-prosciutto, roasted peppers and spinach (fresh or sauteed)
-sauteed onions, mushrooms and goat cheese

Whatever you feel, follow your tummy and cook with Love!

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