Monday, November 21, 2011

My Personal Chef "Bucket List"

Not sure if anyone has noticed yet but I love love food....and the people creating it!  Chefs!!!  Chefs are my RockStars!!   I've been brought to tears after meeting some of my idols...sad?...maybe...the truth, yes!!!  I have to catch up on my readings this evening so no recipe tonight but I will post some of my "Bucket List" in regards to chefs I've met and am dying to meet and pick their brains!!!!!

1. Gordon Ramsey
2. Jamie Oliver (dreamy)
3. Chuck Hughes(even more dreamy)
4. Alton Brown (not a chef but still oh-so-knowledgeable and quirky)
5.Rick Moonen (he is so amazing and his food is to die for)

6. Bobby Flay
7. Tom Colicchio
8. Martha Stewart (I know...)
9. Michael Smith (wonderful down to earth EastCoaster!)
10. Susur Lee

My list actually has approximately 30+ chefs from all over that I truly adore...and some are pretty cute LOL.  I'm pretty satisfied with whom I've met thus far!!  Orange is meeting and spoke to for awhile and yellow is unfortunately seen as a speaker, yet never met...sob!

Okay so not a very exciting blog this evening..but better tomorrow!!!!  xo

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