Monday, December 29, 2014

2015: Nearly New Year's ~ Why I choose Goals VS. Resolutions...

Goals vs. Resolutions

Over the last few weeks, I've been surveying friends and family whether they opt for New Year's Resolutions or overall Goals for their 2015.  In my opinion* - goals are the ideal way to accomplish your new endeavors without the added strain of the dreaded January 1st - start date.  My recommendation to clients is map out; Three, Six, Nine & Twelve month goals or something similar.  

This gives you prep time & future dates to work towards, which I've always found to be super motivating.  Include professional goals, personal, health, travel, financial and even relationship ideas.  I like to start by brainstorming over my journal/calendar.  Ask yourself (and partner) some questions; What does the year look like?  What are the top three goals I want to accomplish this year (sub-categorize into health, wellness, etc)?  What are realistic first steps in order to align my plans into results?  

Do you have any tips, tricks or motivational tools to catapult you into a crazy, successful 2015?  Let me know!


Here's some additional tips to get you started:

~ Notify & share with the people closest to you: Increase motivation & keep you accountable for your new goals and ideas. (This may not work for all)
~ Write everything down first.  Plan.  Make goals big, small and everything in between.
~ Purge: Might sound odd, but planning a New Year comes easier if your life, house and mind are in order.
Treat yourself to a new journal, calendar or app - something tangible may help, I like to see my dates & have reminders electronically.  
~ Categorize goals; Personal, Professional, Wellness, Hobbies, Relationships, Finances etc.. Goals should be as small or large as you choose - only you can choose what you want your future to look like.  
~ Don't compare yourself to others; Hard as it may be - don't compare or alter your goals to compare or compete with others.  "Comparison is the thief of Joy" ~ Theodore Roosevelt
~ Have fun with it!  Dream big!  Feeling crazy - Make a 5 year plan!  No rules.

Some of my 2015 goals include: More face time with friends & family, Increase branding & business for RBN, Save save save, Plan a grand 2016 with Josh & Enjoy life and not worry so much about the little things!

*In my opinion -In my experience. Resolutions may be a better fit for others.  

Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!!!


 ~ RBN xox


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