Monday, September 28, 2015

WE feasted at a wonderful U-FEAST event!

I feast. We feast. 


What is this I speak of? Well U-Feast is a great new Toronto membership opportunity (and FREE!) that binds community, food lovers, wine admirers and local restaurants in a pop-up dinner format.   

Members than have access to an exclusive series of one-of-a-kind dining experiences ranging from adventurous outdoor BBQs to black tie seven course meals and everything in between. You’ll also be the first to experience new menu ideas or experimental dishes served up by some of your city’s top chefs. When you join - you get a $10 voucher towards your first event.

Very excited to begin dinner!

Team U-Feast was kind enough to invite me as RBNmedia to test out MADE IN A BRAZIL at Mata (Great restaurant in West Queen West that offers amazing South American fusion that is majority gluen-free!)..

Here's a sneak peak into what an event with this community is like (be prepared - images will cause you to salivate!)

Mata co-owner Steve Fernandes making our opening cocktail Caipirinha - made with pitu cachaça & lime!

Pretty little things....

We were so fortunate to have an opening cocktail, 6 amazing courses & all the wine courtesy of Sibling Rivalry Wine - here's what we had...

Feijoada Shooters (Brazilian Stew): Smoked Meats & Black Bean Broth

Swordfish Ceviche: Pickled Pineapple Salsa & Housemade Cassava Chips.

Linguiça: House Smoked Pork Sausage, Chimichurri & Potato Sticks.

Encondidinho de Camarão: Mashed Cassava (potato like), Shrimp Cream & Prawns. *FAV!

Cassava Gnocchi: Jamón Crudo, Brussel Sprouts & Reggianito.

MMM.. Caramilized Banana Panna Cotta! (I'm not a sweets person yet this stole my heart).

Thanks Sibling Rivalry for making Joey S. of Articulate Eat's even more entertaining...

Everything was so delicious and well thought out, I would easily recommend this for a great date night, family outing (check for kid friendly options) or a fun group night out.  I cannot wait to join the U-Feast team again (hint hint Yvonne) for another evening filled with great conversation, impeccable food & the ease of just being able to enjoy it all one course at a time...

Thanks again to Steve, Mata, U-Feast & my dining companions for all the laughs...


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