Monday, May 23, 2016

Pure Leaf Tea + RBN = Fun and creative project!

Happy Victoria Day everyone!

So for those of you that know us - we drink a lot of tea here.  Yes yes we have our almost daily, one cup of coffee but we also give TEA a chance.  herbal, black, white all of the teas.  SO when Bite Me Creative had this opportunity to work with Pure Leaf Unsweetened Teas we jumped at the opportunity to make some delightful and creative spring tea combinations!  I was able to hone mine this weekend at some dinners and bbq's and these are the top three that made it:


Drink #1: Using the #unsweetened black tea, original.
💥 The perfect end to the wknd: | Ginger | @pureleaficedtea ‪#‎brewed‬ tea | A touch of 🌹 water | Vanilla bean |. A tad fragrant & sort or 💞 romantic. Creative projects are always the most fun. I suggest you grab some and make your ‪#‎combo‬.  Inspiration & mood was watching the sunset and reading a book.  Some quiet time after a busy and social weekend.  This was delicious! (No sugar added!)


Drink #2: Using #unsweetened greentea, iced tea. (Taken from IG).  Inspiration was cooling down after yoga.  This felt so refreshing and was exactly what I needed (and a big glass of water).

Pssss. What's better than an ‪#‎icedtea‬ on a hot ‪#‎spring‬ day? Nada. My spin: Lemongrass simple syrup (made with honey) | Fresh mint 🌿 | and Kiwi |. Boom.
Maybe you didn't know ⁉️:
@pureleaficedtea is brewed from real tea leaves picked at their freshest to deliver a genuine tea experience to their clients! 

Drink #3: Using the #unsweetened lemon brewed tea.  Inspo was facing work and emails on a holiday Monday.  Decided to add some locally made spirit from our friends at Dillons Diistillery!

🍇 Love ‪#‎dreaming‬ up ‪#‎combinations‬ for @pureleaficedtea. We jumped at the opportunity to work with @bitemecreative ~ dream team.

Blackberry, Ginger & Pear de Vie (@dillonsdistills) Lemon Iced Tea:
Purée 🍠 & blackberries. Add 1 oz. spirit. Lots of ice. Pretty glass. Garnish with edible flower and berry.
Pure leaf brewed tea's are the perfect beverage to go with lunch, work (seen here), dinner & long wknd cocktails! 

***This should be your go-to summer cocktail!  Not too sweet and so pretty!


Hope everyone had an amazing long weekend!  Don't forget to follow Pure Leaf and RBN on Instagram!


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