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PRODUCT REVIEW: Life Choices Foods & Yamba Yogurt

One of my most favorite parts of being a Culinary Nutritionist is having great companies approach me to develop recipes, review products & assist with their marketing.  It gives me the chance to get into my kitchen, feel out the product & create some approachable recipes.

Last week I was approached by Life Choices FoodsYamba Yogurt, two great Canadian companies to develop new recipes and review some of their top selling products.  Last Sunday ended up so nice that a barbeque with some friends seem to be the best option to trial some new recipes and grab some feedback from my fellow foodies!

Some of their TOP Products

 Gluten Free Organic Chicken BurgersGluten Free Organic Angus Beef BurgersHormone & Antibiotic Free Beef SausagesBare & Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets, Sustainable, Wild & Multigrain Fish Sticks & Hormone & Antibiotic Free All Beef Sausages

Plain, Blueberry & Strawberry Yogurt (All Natural)

Here's what I made, included are all the recipes when applicable! Yay!

The Lovely Michelle Rivard (@queenwestgirl) reaching for the Beef Sausages!

Accompanying dips:

Honey Mustard

Equal parts:
Raw Organic Honey (lightly menteld down)
Organic Whole Grain Dijon Mustard
Mix together and let cool.

We also used plain Dijon and a Sweet Chili sauce which paired well too!

The Sustainable Multigrain Fish Sticks (baked)

I made a Tartar Sauce with The Yamba Yogurt and Homemade Mayonaise 

Tartar Sauce 

1/4 c Yamba Plain Yogurt
1/4 c Mayonaise
2 tbsp Fresh Parsley (chopped)
4 small Organic Dills (minced)
1/2 Lemon (juice only)
Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper to season
Mix together and enjoy.  Dill is a great herb to use as a variation.

Mini Fish Taco w/ Sprouts and Tomato

Getting hungry yet?

BBQ'd Nude Chicken Nuggets
We decided to barbeque the nuggets to give off a great lightly grilled flavour.  Baking them would be just as DELICIOUS! 

100% Angus Beef & Chicken Burgers doing their stuff on the barbeque!

Had to put this shot in.  Mmmmmmm.
There were a few gluten free guests (as I am) and I must note it was a great having many quality options for myself and them.  We did a variation of Collard Green Burger Wraps & Local Onion Buns for the Gluten Lovin' Men :)

Greek Salad, Two Slaws and Organic Potato Salad kept the Vintage BBQ theme going.
Greek Salad

1 Cucumber (roughly chopped)
2 Tomatoes (diced)
2 Red Peppers (roughly chopped)
1 Red Onion (diced)
1/2 c Feta (sub out cheese for Vegan option)

Easy Greek Dressing

1 part Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil
2 parts While Wine Vinegar (experiment with others?)
1 tsp Dried Oregano
Sea Salt and Pepper
Mix and dress salad.

Potato Salad

1 lbs Organic Potatoes (boiled and roughly chopped)
3 Eggs (boiled and roughly chopped)
1/2 c Yamba Plain Yogurt (more if desired)
3 tbsp Fresh Parsley (rough chop)
1 tbsp Whole Grain Dijon Mustard
2-3 tbsps Red Onion (minced)
Sea Salt & Pepper
Mix and Enjoy!  Other options could include adding Jerk Spice, Curry Powder or Dill.

Asian Slaw

1 Granny Smith Apple (Julienned)
1 c Radishes (julienned)
Handful of Pea Shoots


1 part EVOO
1 part Sesame Oil
2 parts Rice Wine Vinegar
1 tbsp Raw Honey
1 tsp Dijon Mustard
Mix and Dress Salad.

Chicken and Collard Wrap W/ Salad Trio!

I would like to send a big THANKS to Life Choices Food & Yamba for all the treats and loved every minute of it!

and Michael Brown for being such great help and the best Tasters a gal could ask for!


Rachel Bies

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