Monday, July 7, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: JOLLIFICATION by Julia Morisset (All Natural Skin Food)

Natural skincare at its finest...

I'm currently on summer holidays with my oh so wonderful boyfriend and we're spending lazy days of sun, sand, cooking (of course) and dreamy naps.  It's now day three and I'm ready to do some work (albeit outdoors and taking many breaks to play with the dogs),  first up JOLLIFICATION by Julia Morisset!

As far as I can remember, I was always interested in natural skincare and products, it always seemed like a "no-brainer" that if nature was providing all these great resources, it only made sense to choose over a manufactured & chemical wasn't until I went back to school for Applied Nutrition and heavily immersed myself into a lifestyle detox (switching cleaners, skin/hair care, kitchen staples) that I realized the importance of being aware of what we put ON our skin/bodies is just as important as what we put INTO our bodies. 

Jollification founder, Julia Morisset has been making her own skin care items since she was 10 years old and decided as an adult to make it into a full fledged business.  She was tired of always shopping around and never being able to find natural products free of parabens, sulfates, chemical fragrances etc..  Jollification was born.  I met Julia over social media and was honoured to be a new member of her blogging team, sample her products and write a review..first impression ~>  Super cute packaging and smells so yumm!

Treats made in Dominican Republic & sent with LOVE from Ottawa, ON

Here's what I tested & fell madly in love with!

Oats & White Chocolate Soap

Oats & White Chocolate Soap
(100% natural & handmade)

Dreamy and silky.  Smells like heaven and chocolate.  Because the base is olive oil & Dominican cacao butter, leaves your skin hydrated and soft hours apr├Ęs shower even in the winter!  Love and a must try!

Cold Pressed Cocoa Butter & Lavender Deodorant
 Cold Pressed Cocoa Butter

Smells like dark raw cacao + applies like butter (hard but melts with body temperature) = sure to be every women's (and men's) favourite cream.  Tip: Great under eyes & helps to regulate blood flow.

Lavender Deodorant

I've tried many natural deodorants and this one works oh so well.  Very gentle (even after shave/wax) and lasts all day long.  In the warmer days, apply twice!   

Hibiscus Rose & Organic Honey Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bar

I've never used a shampoo bar and was a tad skeptical at first; I have so much hair, and its dry so I need a fair amount of shampoo.  The shampoo bar lathered really well and coated my bountiful hair quite easily.  Rinsed out quick and left my hair soft, bouncy and shiny! Tip: Great for travel.
Calm & Hydrate Bar w/ Organic Honey

 Face Bar
(for dry & reactive skin)

This little treat is made up off olive, cacao, shea and grapeseed oil which protects and re-hydrates your skin!  The addition of chamomile and vitamin E, helps soothe and minor skin irritations or acne.  All around a great product.  Tip: Great for travel.


Currently you can order  order online or check for the nearest store!  I'd like to thank Julia Morisset for all the divine treats and urge you to try some as soon as possible!  They have different versions for all different skin types (mine was for dry skin) & email them with any questions!  Another bonus is that this line is super affordable ranging from $6-$14 dollars!  Follow Jollification, by Julia on: 
& Facebook!

For more questions about natural skincare or nutrition, feel free to email me! 


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