Tuesday, February 17, 2015

HOW TO: Stock your pantry! (Part one: Spices & Grains)

Starting this month RBN- RachelBies Nutrition will be starting a "How-To" series.  This series will cover exercise, food, recipes, lifestyle & more.  

 In the  "HOW- TO" queue:
  1. Make showstopping dishes - think glossy roast chicken, what to cook for in-laws for the first time, increase nutrition in your favourite dishes & more!
  2. Shop your grocery store with confidence (avoid the packaged items).
  3. Make natural cleaning products and skincare - also check last weeks blog.
  4. Easy moves to get your fitness levels to where you want and need them to be.
PLUS I will be taking questions via Twitter - so if there's something you want to learn how-to do or know about then tweet away! 

One of my most popular add-ons is my #pantryraid that I provide for my clients.  Clearing out the junk and restocking with great items that make daily cooking/prep oh so easy!

I'm 100% gluten free but will add some high quality grain products for those of you who are not...

Organic is the best way to go, if your budget permits it.

My top 10 spices to build your collection:

Turmeric - Add to smoothies, juices, soups, stews, curries, eggs and more.  Natural anti-inflammatory & studies have shown Cancer preventative. 
Cayenne - If you can handle some heat - use this in everything.  Add some fire to smoothies, chocolate truffles, chilis and stir-fry's.  Great to boost heart and metabolism.
Cumin - A must in Mexican & Spanish cooking - use in tacos (ha ha pretty much 50% of my meals throughout the week), chili, vegetable dishes and great on chicken/pork with cacao as a dry rub.  

Curry (collective of spices incl. Turmeric) - Also great in curries (obvi) and soups.  Use in rice and quinoa dishes too.  Throw together a great curry potato salad with coconut yogurt, curry, green onions and apples!  So many health properties including anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.
Ground Ginger - Keep on hand for all your baking & cooking needs.  
Cinnamon - A spice powerhouse: great for smoothies, baking, baked fruit and crisps.  Great for heart health, blood sugar regulation & better brain function.
Parsley - One of my favourite herbs (especially fresh) but always keep on hand incase - add to eggs, soups, stews for a gentle seasoning and flavour.  Super high in Vitamin K & C - grab fresh and dry yourself or freeze in olive oil for all season long availability.
Mustard seeds - Use whole or ground them out in a mortal and pestle.  Add to dry rubs, dressings, soups & stews.  
Basil - Another great herb - always best fresh if able.  Add to scratch tomato sauces, soups, eggs (mmm) and dressings/marinades.
Smoked paprika - My most favourite spice.  I honestly use in everything; tacos, eggs, soups, stews, chilis, rubs, dressings & marinades!  If you like the spicy side of things - I suggest the hot!
**BONUS: Black peppercorns & Sea Salt - A must for all home cooks & chefs.  Pepper and a proper sea salt will enhance the beautiful and natural flavours of all the beautiful dishes you create.  Sautéed vegetables don't need much more than a touch of olive oil and sea salt.  Some organic & sustainable proteins taste best with a dash of S & P and a side of fresh herbs. 

 These will be GF because they're easier to digest & higher in nutrients.


Organic brown rice - BAN white rice from your home and swap for wild & brown.  Feeling crazy search for black & purple rice from your favourite gourmet shop.  Soups, stews, protein bowls and a great side.  
Quinoa - Great source of protein & carbohydrates.  Eat with poached eggs for a high energy breakfast.  Use as you would rice.  
Puffed Quinoa - Great for crusting proteins.  With almond milk and hemp hearts for breakfast/snack. 
Cornmeal - Use to make creamy polenta or as a crusting agent for proteins or baked vegetables. 
Millet - Use as you would rice in dishes!
Gluten free Oats - Use as a binder in cooking, oatmeal, baking, soaked oats, pancakes and crust.

Did I miss anything?  Send me tweets of your well stocked pantry! *LMK what you would like to see in this serie!

PS.  Check out some of my new articles on one of our favourite new websites ->> Wellness Girl 


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