Wednesday, March 18, 2015

HOW-TO: 10 Breakfasts under 10 Minutes !!!!

No more excuses guys.

No need to skip breakfast anymore.
Breakfast can be your favourite meal again!

I love breakfast & brunch just as much as the next guy - but hey WE don't always have the time for a beautiful & drawn out meal first thing in the morning.  The last few weeks I've been coming up with easy 10 minute breakfasts; easy, healthy & colourful and DELICIOUS! 

The Newest TOP TEN - 10 MINUTES Breakfasts!

These are all super affordable too - and saves those leftovers going into the bin.  For more ideas or dietary specific meals email me (link at bottom). 

French Scrambled Egg & Kale Slaw Bfast Tacos (GF)
Scrambled egg, Avocado, Fresh Spinach & Cucumber Tacos (GF)
Baked (leftover) Stone Fruit with Coconut Yogurt (Vegan/GF)
Sauteed Greens & Fried Egg (Hot Sauce mmm)
Organic Brown Rice (Leftover) Fried Rice Bowl with Scrambled Egg & Zucchini (GF)
Sauteed Green & Enoki Mushrooms with Soft Boiled Eggs (Can you tell I'm obsessed with Boiled)
GF 1/2 Bagel (Aidans) w/ French Scramble & Smashed Avocado & Chilis
Spanish Faux Paella (Leftover & Quinoa) With Soft Eggs
Steak & Eggs (Leftover Steak - Great Saturday Brunch for your sweetie!)

Aidans GF 1/2 Bagel with Spinach & Soft B Egg (leftover steak and chimichurri)

 TIPS for a super successful morning & breakfast:

  • Drink lemon water morning first thing - wakes body up, puts our bodies at an alkaline state - More tips on blog (selfpromo).
  • Use your leftovers - most things taste great reheated & with an egg OR throw into a gf corn taco! Weirdest thing - We've put Bolognese sauce and rice into one!
  • Vegan - Use all veg and beans!  Still delicious - savoury bowls are easy and affordable.  Vegetarian- take the meat out!
  • Dress it up - I love using tons of fresh herbs & spices in my creations.  Hot sauce and cayenne is also a great addition - heart health & metabolism booster!  Kick it up!
For more detailed recipes - food delivery - 15 consult EMAIL me!
Ps. Its cold again here - Hope my readers all over are enjoying the beginnings of spring! 

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