Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Happiness Challenge & How-to: Insert #healthy habits into YOUR life!

For those of you that follow me @rachelbies on Twitter - know that we proposed a gratitude journal #challenge in which you write down your thoughts of gratitude every morning - THE REASON: Studies have shown people who are grateful & mindful show less signs of depression, anxiety, anger and overall it becomes a mood enhancer.  For an extra 2 minutes a day - We believe the benefits outweigh the "work" - this is also #10 (no value) on our list of HEALTHY & HAPPY HABITS!  Take a look at our list...these are in no particular order!

RBN Healthy & Happy Habits

1. Mornings: Wake up and try to go without looking at your phone or computer for the first 30-60 minutes after waking.  Connect with your loved ones, pets, go for a walk, drink lemon water.  You'll notice that you start your day more settled - its tough at first but you can do it.  Make it a priority to decide that YOUR day is going to kick A$$!
2. Lemon Water: YOU know how strongly I feel, past blogs and social media highlight this.  It will start your body as alkaline, wake up digestion and great for skin!  DO IT!

3. To do lists:  I'm a list maker.  Obsessed with them.  The downfall is that they can leave you feeling incomplete or disappointed in your day.  New version: make a list of 3 things; 1 small, med & large.  Anything else is a bonus.  For tasks you don't complete - add to next day and give yourself a break!

4. EAT: This is crazy important, no excuses!  Eat a bar, a smoothie, an RBN bfast bowl or toast!  Something!  We burn our food when we sleep and we need FUEL for our long days of work, movement and stress.   Get up 15 minutes earlier to prevent rushing in the mornings or prep the night before - EMAIL ME for a top 10 breakfast list!

5. Afternoons: Take a 15 minute walkabout after your lunch, preferably outdoors but if unable then stretch your legs in your office.  Make it even more enjoyable with a nice tea...ahhh almost like a spa.

6. Apr├Ęs Work: When you get home or have finished work, take some space - outdoors, yoga, bike ride, meditation - something that isn't a chore, work or for someone else! JUST YOU. Maybe its looking up a new recipe or writing in your gratitude journal!

7. Dinner: Try making dinners a thing.  Not an inhale and eat standing at the counter but eat at a table, with friends or loved one.  Plan, shop, decompress from work.  Clean up together.  Be mindful and thankful for where your food is coming from!  Trust me - its the best and fall is the season of dinner parties! Yumms.

RBN has ton of DINNER PARTY ideas - just ask us!
8. Electronic Detox: Josh and I have to adhere to this.  Make a cut-off time for phones/social media.  Take your IG pics and then phone gone.  No phones after 9pm, etc.  Make ones that work for you.  Incorporate a conversation or a board game - something that doesn't involve your head down in a screen! Upside: Tomorrow you'll feel so satisfied after ignoring your phone for hours.

9. Gratitude is a mood lifter: Buy yourself a little old journal!  We're on day 23 I believe and it works. Less stress, anxiety and more mindfulness.  Not sure where to start? I'm grateful for... the food on your table - the fact that you have a job to go to - your family (even though they are crazy lol) - fresh air!  It can be as little or as big as you want!

10.  Meditate:  There's this great app called Headspace that I've been using and loving!  It's 10 minutes a day (or when you have time) & is narrated by a nice british lad (dreamy) and teaches you how to relax, be mindful and be aware of your thoughts - NOT to run from them.  I suggest looking into it!

 ***Results may include: Constant smiles, annoying your co-workers & constant humming.  LOL.




for more details!!  Whooooo!   

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