Monday, November 2, 2015

ANXIETY: Ease anxiety & increase positivity with these helpful tips!

Anxiety: noun. 

A feeling of worry, nervousness or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.


Did YOU read that while nodding your head in agreement.   Many of us deal with unfortunate feelings of nerves, anxiousness and anxiety on a daily basis, so normal that we consider it a part of our lives that we must live with.  I myself suffer from anxiety - owning a business, being a type A personality, a perfectionist and always trying to achieve the next level rather than enjoying the actual moment or process.  This is a fun killer, a motivation eliminator and has made some of my favourite relationships suffer.

So what are WE to do? 

For as long as I can remember - I've been prone to anxiety, its only the last few years that I've been able to recognize it and am actually honest about with those around me - not as an excuse but to give peers/loved ones insight into my crazy moments! I read books, blogs, see a therapist (this is something I really support - regardless of if you suffer from anxiety), keep journals, meditate, exercise, eat well and always continue the search for joy, inner peace and an overall less anxious life.  


Here's some of my suggestions that hopefully will help you.

****I'm not a therapist and am not diagnosing, rather healthy tips for all - especially in stressful times.  If you feel YOU are suffering from anxiety or severe stress, visit a doctor, naturopath and/or therapist (do not self diagnose).


Tryptophan: Some researchers believe that eating foods high in tryptophan have a positive effect on stress, due to this amino acid producing "feel good" chemicals.  
What to nosh: Turkey, chicken, high quality cheese, bananas, nuts, nut butter and sesame seeds.
Salads loaded up with proteins & healthy fats (greens of course) are mood enhancers and oh so good for you!

Protein: Helps stimulate the production of dopamine and norepinephrine, which similar to serotonin carry impulses between nerve cells.  Increased levels have shown to improve mental alertness, mental energy and reaction time.  
What to nosh: Cold water fish (wild), clean poultry, eggs, nuts (raw), lentils and Greek yogurt.

Caffeine (I know tough): Caffeine is a diuretic and even slight dehydration can cause depression, stress and anxiety. Sip sip sip on water look to past blogs). 
Sugar: Sugar is absorbed quickly into our blood streams (especially processed) which causes a surge of energy, which then leads to "sugar crash".  Result: Feeling tired, low and anxious.
Alcohol: A glass of wine with dinner some nights is fine and a celebration when able BUT copious amounts - especially when feeling stress/anxiety will decrease your mood as alcohol is a depressant.  Make a mocktail or have some club soda with cranberries as a fun alternative.


Regular exercise: Increases feel good brain chemicals that may natural ease anxiety and depression (endorphins).  Increases body temperature which may have calming effects.  
Gain confidence: When we reach goals or challenges, even small ones can boost your self-worth and can take your mind off worries that feed anxiety - great distraction and a natural high!
Vitamin N (Nature) & Exercise = Free therapy!

Social interactions: Meeting new people and being part of something is a great benefit alongside all the health bonuses, most cities and gyms have sign up sheets for clubs and teams.  Go crazy and start your own league or team!  Even a group walk around your neighborhood will have you feeling better.


There's something to be said for having positive thoughts and viewpoints.  It seems tough at first but I promise will make you feel better.  We're all guilty of having a negative thoughts, pity parties and complaint marathons BUT if you try to stop yourself in a worry or bad thought and swap it - you will notice some lightness.

My favourite trick:

Identify your worry or thought.
What are the outcomes or the worst that can happen from this incident/action?
What are the odds of this happening?
Is it fear? Anxiety? Where is it stemming from?

*I find once I write down my worry/reason for anxiety - it doesn't seem so daunting or impossible (fear).  Looking back on things I've jotted in the past, I've usually not remembered or my fear never materialized!

This may sound weird - but in my opinion works ...

Overall (and disclaimer) - if you are feeling sad, anxious or other please visit a professional.  These are therapeutic exercises that I've learned, used on myself & suggested with clients.  I do not diagnose and am not a doctor.
That being said - adding mood lifting thoughts, foods, exercise are a great idea to increase happiness and joy in our daily lives.

Bonus:  Having a nice warm bath, tea, lavender oil/salts and a great book is also a great mood enhancer and will melt the worries away...


Take a deep breath 


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