Friday, December 11, 2015

RBN - Holiday Gift Guide for EVERYONE in your Life (Bonus: 20% discount off a fav too)

In line with our RBN 12 Days of Giveaway WE figured that sharing our favourite gift giving items would be an awesome idea!  Don't fret we have you covered for everyone in your life; The Gourmand, The Health Nut, Fitness Fanatic and More...

The Gourmand:

Walter All-Natural Caesar Mix
If YOU love #caesars and Canadian made products, this is your jam (juice).  The brain child of Zack & Aaron - who were tired of mixing beautiful spirits and accompaniments into neon and synthetic "tomato" cocktail.  Canada's first all-natural Caesar was born and has so many great characteristics: gluten-free, no high fructose corn syrup, Ocean-wise certified (amazing), small batch and made in glass bottles (no gross plastics).  I suggest bringing to your next party or setting up a Caesar bar at your holiday open house.  Pairs well with all spirits and we also cook with it at home! (and today's giveaway!)
Handsome, local, gluten-free and natural.  What a hunk, bring Walter home this season!

 Three Farmers Camelina Oil: 
We wanna road trip here and try everything!
Colin, Dan and Ron are second and third generation farmers who have grown up on this land and are committed to its preservation, proudly numbering the prairies among the best places in the agricultural world. Farming, they are proud to say, is not simply a job, but a way of life, and one they are all too happy to share.  Their Camelina oil has a super high smoke point and is great for cooking, bbq season, sauteing and all your healthy oil needs!

We like to dip everything in here.

 Neal Brothers:
Okay so WE adore Peter & Neil so technically we love all of their products BUT this one we just discovered & are sort of addicted.  We love it on our sammies, roasted potatoes and sweet potato frites - its all about balance people.  Oh and if you haven't bought their new Goodness book - this also makes a fab gift idea!

Another mainstay in our house is Blue Goose - I'm their brand ambassador and absolutely love using all their products for fun, nutritious and inventive meals.  As a believer in local and organic living - BG make its super easy and affordable.  Check their link and give the gift of clean proteins for the home chef!


Health Nut:

As their newest Brand Ambassador & caterer I obviously adore them, they will have your covered for Greens+ (so many options), fermented vegan protein bars, sleeping aids (natural) and whole body needs.  Check out the link (in name) and start adding them into your everyday life!

Nud Fud:  Created by a fellow IHN alumni, these snacks are healthy and delicious.  Great for travel, road trips and for even the pickiest of eaters - make these your stocking stuffers.  Gluten free and vegan!

Fitness Fanatic:

 Barre Works:
Prep for the holidays or offset the holiday cheer and indulgences with one of our favourite studio's in the city.  Located Queen West, BW offers great classes to work on your bod, flexibility and is a great group class.  Woot!

Wellness Lover:

Skin Essence Organics: This company is the best.  Offering clean, natural plant based skin products, gluten-free, vegan and stored in dark glass bottles is only some of their upsides. They are also offering a 20% discount code: RBNholiday at your checkout.  Check them out asap and add into your routine to prevent dry and dull winter skin!
Don't waste the discount - order now!

We're also offering a 15% discount on RachelBies Nutrition  services including food deliveries,food line, meal plans, skincare and wellness protocols too!  Follow us as we also have some exciting plans for 2016!

 WE hope this helps you find some peace whilst holiday shopping and as always email us:  for more options!  Also give the gift of RBN too.

Happy Friday,

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