Monday, November 30, 2015


Happy December (almost) & holidays!  If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with Christmas and holidays!  It brings so much joy, you get to reconnect and make time for family and friends & it brings a New Year with new possibilities and goals!  Because we love the holidays so much we tapped into our inner Oprah (no cars or trips unfortunately!) and decided to run our largest giveaway of our favourite things - 12 days in total! 

How it works:  

Each day RBN will highlight a local (National) product or company that WE LOVE.  Some days will be paired up and December 12th will be the GRAND PRIZE basket of a mash-up of products and items!

How to enter:

YOU MUST follow RBN and featured company on all social media outlets.
If YOU win prize we would love a shoutout and post on YOUR prize and what you will do with it: Skincare - take a selfie?  Food - Show your creation! You get the idea.

Generous & LOVELY Participants: Check 'em out!


I was going to announce the schedule BUT have since decided to keep a secret!  Begins tomorrow - Follow us on ALL of our social accounts to BE IN THE LOOP!

Bonne chance!
rbn xoxo


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