Monday, November 23, 2015

My favourite F-WORD......Can you guess?



Probably not what you thought I was going to say :)  
The good kind of course!  Think butter vs. margerine.  Olive oil vs. Sunflower.  All of the avocados!

As the weather cools down our bodies extra need some divine healthy fats that benefit our brain (smart and witty for holiday parties), skin & hair, reduce risk of Cancer and protect your heart.  
Here are our #RBNtop5 favourites - WE think you should incorporate them into your daily line-up (don't forget to tag us on Instagram or Twitter).

Possibly my favourite fruit in the world and so delicious, this green beauty is notorious for their health properties (Oleic Acid has been said to lower cancer risk), contain more potassium than bananas,  full of fiber and vitamins.  Add them to smoothies, salads, soups and great in baking!  Soak up hydrating benefits in a skin mask too!

Made of one ingredient, butter is one of my most asked about nutrition myths (if you are vegan opt for coconut/olive oil) and is full of GOOD saturated fats that lower your bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises good HDL (email me for more info).  Add a titch to your veg, coffee and sauteed foods! Opt for grass fed & organic if possible!

Nut Butters:
Seed butters too - cashew, almond, peanut, pumpkin and sunflower seed butters are great sources of healthy fats, proteins and vitamin E.  Skin food and great for toasts, oats, smoothies and curries (sneaky tip).  Save $$ by making it at home - using raw nuts and seeds, add in some vanilla or cinnamon to shake things up... Cashew and vanilla butter sounds pretty great.

Eggs have been deemed THE most perfect food source because they contain the full scope of amino acids, all B vitamins and great source of protein.  The other upside is that they're so versatile than can be a part of your bfast, lunch and dinner lineup! Opt for pasture raised, organic and local - the extra $ is worth it.


A great snack and makes you feel so exotic chowing down with a nice charcuterie (great treat in moderation) and full of great fats!  I have a theory about olives - it takes 8 tries to love them as much as possible.  I used to hate them - crazy right, then 8 tries later I couldn't get enough of them.  Add them to salads, stews, pasta dishes or on their own.  My favs include kalamata, sundried and small green spanish ones.  Great in brine or oil (oil lasts longer).

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