Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where my dudes at? (Skincare & Nutrition Tips for the Men in our Lives)

I like to think that my readers & demographics know no sex or age - but if I was to be honest, most of the comments and feedback come from the ladies.  So this post is for the fellas in our lives - brothers, partners, fathers & bff's!  

RBN's top 10 MAN TIPS 

Super easy to incorporate into your lives & tried by my love (he's addicted to most and can't believe he lived without them)!

1. Water - This is my number one tip for all humans (pets too).  Most people don't even realize that they're dehydrated. 
Simple calculation:
IDEAL AMOUNT = Your body weight divided by 2 = number of ounces per day
*One glass = 8 ounces*
Ex: 150 lbs/2 = 75 ounces
75/8 (oz) = 9 glasses of WATER!
 Remember to drink/sip on water throughout your entire day, preferably separate from your meals!
*herbal teas, juices and coffee do not count towards your water intake, and you’ll need to add another serving per coffee.

2. Probiotics - Great for gut health, digestion, immune system & optimal health.  Super easy to take and if you never take another supplement again - this would be my tops! Studies have been linked to improved mood & mental health too.  Ask me or your local health store for tips!

3. Vitamins - Should you decide vitamins will be a part of your life then here's my top picks: Vitamin E (Cell repair & renewal), Magnesium (muscle function, immune & calms nervous system), Vitamin D (Immunity & bone health - naturally occurring in sunshine), Potassium (kidneys & heart health) & Selenium (powerhouse antioxidant!)
***For more detail and food sources refer to my Among Men - Rachel A Bies article.

Vitamins are a great option!

4. Exercise - Movement is such a vital part of balance and healthy living.  Take a walk on your lunch break, opt for the stairs over escalator, AIM for 60 minutes of exercise per day (yoga, run, weights etc). 

 5. Take care of your Skin - Same rules for men - should always wash your face before bed (pollution, dirt & sweat from the day can clog pores) & keep skin moisturized to reduce signs of aging.  That doesn't mean spending $$$ - Josh and I use Inca, Olive & Coconut Oil as our at home moisturizers for face, hair and body.  But a high quality organic & extra virgin bottle, split in two (glass and dark to avoid becoming putrid) and store in bath and kitchen.  Voila - save money, have kick ass skin and smell yumms.  ***Single men: Your partner will appreciate a man who takes care of their skin!
Less expensive than store bought creams & smells oh so delicious. 

6. Eat your VEGETABLES - This doesn't mean you need to eat salad for your life BUT it does mean incorporate a variety of vegetables (eat with colour) into your meals.  Smoothies, salads, steamed, roasted & sauteed are great options.  ***Email me or go on website for more options/recipes) 

7. Cook at HOME - A lot of men I've worked with & know really enjoy cooking.  At first they may not even realize - once I teach them how approachable & simple great food can be, they realize " hey I can do this".  Even if its a few simple staple meals: BBQ meats, few egg dishes, roasted & sauteed veg & some easy wine pairings.  Start there and then follow your passion!  ***A man who cooks is killer or one that will at least learn with you!
Who knows - YOU may love cooking, if you don't already!!

8.  Chew your food - Most people don't take the proper time to chew their food properly - this allows HCL (digestive juices) to prepare in our tummys, eliminate risk of leaky gut and other digestive issues & increases our ability to absorb more vitamins and minerals from our foods.

Laugh that sh*t OFF!!!
9. Balance - Everything deserves and functions better with some sort of balance.  Find yours.  Is it having a drink with friends?  Having pizza once a week?  Don't feel guilty about small guilty pleasures - better to adhere (in my opinion) to an 80-20% rule than being super strict!

10. Laugh your butt off - When the world seems to crumble or your boss is driving you mental, in the words of Taylor Swift "Shake it Off".  Seriously - we work on this at home (more so me) but will it matter in 2 hours; 2 days; 2 weeks?  Odds are it won't.  PLUS stress is a fun killer - can affect our moods, digestion, mental health, sleep etc!  Even if you fake it until you make it (cheesy?)!

For any questions, inquiries or culinary lessons email me!

xox rbn 

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